Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Restaurant's I have been to in Ambleside

Gaeng Ped Bet Yarng - red curry, duck grapes and cherry tomatoes. 
Goong Broccoli Fai Daeng -Tiger Prawns, Broccoli

I must tell you about the wonderful Thai I had
It is A-MAZING food, definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. I was so worried encase it was going to be too hot for me, so the waitress helped us choose our order as we where first timers there. It was such a surprise seeing the rice come out in heart shapes.

1/2 Pork sandwich and 1/2 Steak sandwich 

Went on a little walk to the Drunken Duck near Ambleside, and I have completely fell in love with this pub. The food and the beer was amazing, I especially loved with the interior design. It is a proper country pub with taxidermy animals old signage on the walls and handwritten typography, which scored huge points in my book :) But honestly this might be my favourite pub in Ambleside for the food and how comfortable I felt there.

This was such a treat and such a surprise we won a 'Dine for Two' 

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